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Noobfeed Reviews The Curse of Nordic Cove - November 7, 2013

The Curse of Nordic Cove is part first-person shooter, part adventure, and most of all a witty golf simulator. Players begin the game as the character Paulie Chops, a rough biker dude with a dirty mouth. After an archeologist, Dr. Howard Bre, and his assistant, Kayte Sparo, disturb an ancient gravesite a curse is activated and the evil Viking warlord Helfdane the Terrible is awaken… READ MORE

Nerd Overload review of The Curse of Nordic Cove - September 26, 2013

So I noticed the latest Indie Royale bundle, the Debut 5 Bundle, has a little game in it called The Curse of Nordic Cove. Then I realized, “Hey I have a copy of Curse of Nordic Cove, provided by the fine folks at On The Level Games! Now would be a most excellent time to review it!”  READ MORE

GamesReviews.com on The Curse of Nordic Cove - June 6, 2013

If ever a development team deserved an “A” for effort, it would be On The Level Game Studios, the team behind The Curse of Nordic Cove.  This indie title is a Survival Horror/ Golf/ Viking/ Stealth/ Puzzler/ Shooter.  With chickens! READ MORE

LevelSave Preview of The Curse of Nordic Cove - September 17, 2012

You know sometimes when you see a game and your brain just goes “…what?” Well that is what On the Level Game Sudios’ title, [The]Curse of the Nordic Cove,is. This game is in a category all its own; that category being “First Person Golf Simulation/ Survival Horror game.” Yeah, you can go “awuhh” now. READ MORE