Month: April 2014

Blog: Art vs Reality – by Rikki Knight - April 4, 2014

I have to say, regardless of what I’ve seen people saying on the free speech box here [Tumblr], the latest American Horror Story series is the best thus far in my mind. The characters are fleshed out really well, any character that was not necessary was quickly killed off, yet the writers managed to suddenly make them slightly necessary at their end within just one or two episodes. The Axeman was my favorite, I dunno why..he was just well written, well cast, and well acted.

I’ve read a few rants on the series, mostly complaints about Papa Legba snorting cocaine(Historically no, he smoked a pipe), wearing a stove top(he wore a broad rimmed straw hat I believe, it’s been awhile), and generally being the devil with a pimp cane(historically depicted as an older man with crutches or a walking stick and has no relation to Hell other than he can open you a portal there, he’s kind of like the gatekeeper to all afterlife dimensions.). Reading these insane show hating rants reminded me of things…

All my life as an artist I’ve had a very bad habit of scrapping work or ideas because of “it’s not accurate” or “no one will believe it” or “that couldn’t happen”.

I obviously still struggle with it to this day since in Boo Bunny Plague I made damn sure to make Thor a ginger(historically not blonde) and an asshole(historically not the greatest of heroes). Yet other aspects in the game based on history’s myths I threw straight out the fucking window to support the story.

Never let reality dictate what you create… period. It will kill your art.

Also, where are all the boards with the Norsemen bitching about Thor being a blond sex god? Or are the voodoo priests/priestesses the only ones that get upset over depictions of their deities incorrectly in media? Either way, let’s face facts… I don’t foresee Papa Legba or Thor showing up anytime soon to say who’s right or wrong.

But seriously, it will kill your art, and sometimes it will make them kill your art. Do anything!