Boo Bunny Plague

Boo Bunny Plague

Releases Sept. 4th, 2014, on Steam! An animated Musical adventure through dimensions of time and space-time space! Join the robot Bunny as he unravels a plot of treachery and deceit! You can find it on Steam here:

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  • Boo Bunny Plague

    Boo Bunny Plague

    An animated Musical adventure through dimensions of time and space-time space! Join the robot Bunny as he unravels a plot of treachery and deceit perpetrated by none other than THE ULTIMATE VILLAIN of the KNOWN UNIVERSE, and Earth!

  • The Curse of Nordic Cove

    The Curse of Nordic Cove

    It all started in Nordic Cove, a small hamlet in the fictional state we know today as 'New York'. Once called New Hamburgerstand, it flourished with fur trades and bacon cheeseburgers.


  • Press Release: ‘Boo Bunny Plague’ Release Date Set on Steam! - August 6, 2014

    GO DEEP DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE WHEN BOO BUNNY PLAGUE HOPS ON TO STEAM FOR PC AND MAC SEPTEMBER 4   Comedy Action Adventure Musical Game Follows Robot Bunny Using Guitars as Weapons; Playable at PAX Prime at Booth #6702   HOUSTON, TX—Aug. 5, 2014—Get ready to fight the ultimate villain of the known universe as a guitar-wielding robotic bunny! On The Level Game Studios, the creators of 2013’s survival horror golf game Curse of the Nordic Cove, are on the cusp of releasing their next genre-bending title, Boo Bunny Plague. Boo Bunny Plague will be available on Steam for PC and Mac on September 4 through a standard edition for $4.99 USD, or a collector’s edition for $5.99 USD that includes a digital comic book and soundtrack.   Boo Bunny Plague is a bizarre musical where players follow a robot named Bunny on an adventure through dimensions of space and time as he unravels a plot of treachery and deceit, all while brandishing different guitars as his only weapons.   Some of the talent behind the game includes Art Director Rikki Knight, who was a Dallas-area tattoo artist and traded in his tattooist needles for a laptop, as he decided to put his Quake series modding experience to the test and make games. Audio Director Bunny D.A.S.T. (Danger Awesome Slash Trouble) is a music producer for punk rock bands in Houston and singer and guitarist for the band Skeleton Dick.   Players can experience the musical mayhem Boo Bunny Plague at PAX Prime in Seattle Friday, Aug. 29 through Monday, Sept. 1 in booth #6702.   To feed your now insatiable desire for more information on Boo Bunny Plague, hop on over to:   About On The Level Game Studios In May 2011, Jeff and Carolyn Reimert opened the jar of On The Level Game Studios. The lid was stuck; so eight Houstonians with their talents and rubber gloves arrived at the scene to lend a hand. Soon after, the first game title was all over the table, the floor and their parachute pantsuits. The team grew to 12 including programmers, artists, sales and marketing, producers, musicians and evil-doers. Nearly two years later, the table and floor were cleaned (pants were stained – thanks, Brand X!), and the team released The Curse of Nordic Cove. The team is currently gearing up for the release of Boo Bunny Plague.   # # #   PR contact (media only): Elizabeth Stewart lvl UP Marketing for On The Level Game Studios (425) 242-1489

  • The Curse of Nordic Cove Postmortem on Gamasutra - November 7, 2013

    An independent studio, consisting of a team of people taking their first tentative steps into the world of game development. An original, multi-genre concept bringing together a plethora of gameplay styles under one insane plot. The stage was set, but how did it play out? What went right with The Curse of Nordic Cove? When went wrong? And which parts of development would we love to chase down with a trusty golf club?...READ MORE